Adult Classes

Please see the brochure below for the dates each class is offered.

(No Sunday School classes from August 4th-September 1st)

How to Study the Bible

Learn how the Bible fits together, its structure and literary genres, as well as study tools and methods that enable us to better understand the Bible.

Two Ways to Live

Learn how to unpack, understand, and articulate the Gospel message.

Following Jesus

Learn how we are saved by God, how to live by God’s ways, listening and talking to Him, meeting with God’s family, living in the world, and living in hope.

Meeting with God

Learn why we should meet with God on a daily basis and to equip us with practical tools that enable us to do just that.

Fear of Man

Learn how to overcome the fear of man by learning how to properly fear God.


Learn what the Bible says about decision-making, avoiding those unbiblical ideas about how God guides our decisions, and focusing on those amazing truths about how God does guide us.

Bible Overview - Old Testament

Learn how God ‘made promises’, many of which were realized through his people, the Jews, which leads us up to the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Bible Overview - New Testament

Learn how God ‘kept promises’, many of which were fulfilled in the birth, life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ, the initiation and expansion of the Church, and finally the promises of a new Heaven and a New Earth.

Bethany Explored

(Membership Class)

Our Bethany Explored class is held quarterly as a Sunday School class during the Sunday School hour, or after church. Please check the Events page or the brochure below for upcoming dates.

Learn what BBC believes, why you should be a member, and how to get involved. This class is required for membership.

Children's Classes and Nursery

Please note that all children's classes and the nursery ask that your child not be sick when they are dropped off.

(No Sunday School classes from August 4th-September 1st)


Our nursery is for children up to 2 years old. Our trained and screened volunteers provide top quality care and security for our children. All new attenders must register before dropping off their children. The nursery is open during both the Sunday School and Worship hours.


The pre-school classes are designed for children 2 years through Kindergarten. During the Sunday School hour, pre-school children are combined with the nursery children. During the Worship hour, two classes are held. One class for 2-3 year olds and one for 4-5 year olds. Each class involves a Bible-based curriculum, worship, snack, a craft and play time taught by dedicated teaching teams.

1st-5th Grade

Sunday School classes for 1st-5th grade are held during the Sunday School hour. These grades split into two classes. One for 1st-3rd grade and one for 4th and 5th grade. During Sunday School the students will learn about what God teaches through the Bible and will also involve an activity. 1st-5th graders are invited to join their parents in the Sanctuary for the Worship Service. There are coloring sheets or activity booklets available from a greeter or at the Connection Center.

Youth (6th-12th grade)

6th-8th Grade

The Middle School Sunday School class is an age-appropriate overview of the Old and New Testaments in tandem with the Adult Classes.

9th-12th Grade

High School students are invited to attend any of the Adult Sunday School classes offered. We are excited to have them join with the adults for the insight they can share, and to include them as an important part of the church body.